8 Signs That Your Job Interview Went Well

They Made An Effort To “Sell” You On The Company

You know your interview went well when the interviewer starts telling you about the benefits of the role. If it feels like you’re being wooed a little, it means they want you.

They Talked About What A Possible Future Would Look Like At The Company

If the interviewer brings up possible issues you may face, it is likely that they are considering you for the position. Similarly, they will paint you a picture of what the day-to-day will look like.

They Smiled And They Seemed Excited

When your interviewer smiles a lot, chances are they like you. If their excitement is noticeable you, my friend, you are killing it.

They Asked For Your Availability

Asking for your availability means that your interviewer wants to know their chances of getting you for the company. In this case, your interviewer might also ask if you’ve interviewed at other places.

The Interview Turned Casual

If you notice, at a point, that the tone of your interview went from formal to casual, then you’re doing great. What this means is that your qualifications satisfy the interviewer and they want to know what it would be like to work with you.

Your Interview Went Longer Than Expected

The duration of your interview is also an indicator of whether or not your interview went. If your interview ends earlier than scheduled, that is a bad sign. However, it takes as long as you expect or longer, it means they enjoyed talking to you.

Your Salary Expectations Came Up

An interviewer will ask how much you expect to earn in the role if they like you for it. Salary considerations indicates that they are serious about you.

Their Body Language Gave It Away

Another good sign is the interviewer’s body language. Do they nod along when you talk? Or do they go ‘mm-hm’ in approval to your answers? These are all signs of their interest/agreement with what you’re saying.

The Interviewer Responds To Your Follow-Up

You should, after every interview, send an email to thank the interviewer. If you send this email and you get a response back, that means your interviewer cares about the professional relationship.

If you don’t hear back for a while after a good interview, it could be that they are still putting things in place to make a formal offer. Don’t hesitate to follow up. And keep applying for other positions if you haven’t received a formal offer.


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