4 Unconventional Hair Colours Efya Has Worn

Sticking to one colour when getting your hair done is boring!

We love to encourage people to live freely and as creatively as possible, even if it means you dyeing your hair once you have a hang of taking care of the dyed hair properly.

If you don’t want to use permanent dye in your hair, you can use the temporal ones. You can explore different colours without causing any real damage to your hair.

If the dye is a problem too, you can decide to buy coloured wigs and be free.

Efya is one of the most unconventional people when it comes to fashion and her hair choices. She manages to wow us every time she steps onto the red carpet cuz she always looks stunning and different.

Here are some of the unconventional hair colours she has explored in the past.

  1. Blonde

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