12 Trendy Gele Styles For Young Ladies

Image via @glammebymooh on Instagram

The Gele is a traditional Nigerian headwrap. It is worn during special occasions as an accessory to the traditional ‘iro’ (a wrap-around skirt) and ‘buba’ (a loose fitting blouse). It’s usually made out of heavy or stiff fabric that can be wrapped and moulded into a specific shape. (Source: worldbride.wordpress.com)

Nigerians aren’t the only ones who wear them, as some other African countries have adopted them.

The wrapping of the Gele is a whole artwork. The elegant creases, horizontal elongation, spiral twists and the design configuration are things that make your Gele look different. (Source: momoafrica.com)

Here are some of the different styles you can wrap your Gele to be the centre of attraction at the event you’re at.


Image via @debsbeautylounge on Instagram


Image via @debsbeautylounge on Instagram

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