UEW: How To Adequately Prepare For The Mid Semester Exams


After all the chilling and papping from the Hall weeks and departmental week celebration, we are back to the main reason why we came to school.

These are some simple tips on how you can prepare well for mid sem so you don’t slack.

Importantly, you should attend all the lectures.

Mid sem is fast approaching you can’t still miss class in this period because this is the time lecturers give trial questions and other essential materials.

To get started, get a well organized time table, a well-structured timetable will help you know your left from right and also know your next move in a day.

Draw a personal time table which tells you the course you will study in a day. We need to to be time conscious in order to pass this mid sem.

Furthermore, you should have enough rest, sleep on time watch movie if you have to do not stress yourself learning deep in the night.

If you are a night owl then you can sleep during the day so you don’t get tired at night when you’re learning, if you feel comfortable learning during the day do so and get enough rest in the night.

Know yourself and choose a suitable learning period for yourself.

Be self-disciplined and try to overcome any procrastination, last hour reading is not good for you now try to read at least one course in a day so you can prepare well for the mid sem.

Good luck in your upcoming mid sem, kuulpeeps.

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