TTU: Take A Look At The Activity Lineup For The Upcoming 46th Nzima Hall Week Celebration

Once again the most anticipated hall week celebration in the land of TTU is coming!!!

Argue with history if you disagree.

With the theme: ”One mind, One accord, One should train the youth to be thinkers and not reflectors of other men’s thoughts”, this year’s festivity seeks to not only entertain but also empower the hallers and entire student populace as a whole to be visionaries and contribute to development.

The hall week is scheduled to take place in May and here is the lineup for the week’s activities;

Sunday -Awareness Creation -The Awakening Dawn Business Campus Main Campus
Monday -Official Launching -Light It Up Acoustic Arena Acoustic Arena
Tuesday -Art Festival -Macho And Boxing Night Main Campus Acoustic Arena
Wednesday -Cooking Competition -Football Tournament Acoustic Arena
Thursday -Float -Gamer’s Night Takoradi Township Acoustic Arena
Friday -Islamic Hour -Cultural Night Acoustic Arena Acoustic Arena
Saturday -Aboakyere -Miss Nzima And Awards Night Main Campus TTU Auditorium
Sunday -Sunday Service -Food Bazaar And Live Band Acoustic Arena

Knowing Nzimah Mensah Hall, one thing is assured, the week is going to be mad fun and we are here for all of it.

Veni Vidi Vici !!!Go Premier!!!


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