This Man Finally Got Hired By The United Nations After 500 Rejections

Moro Bertrand (Moro Bertrand/Instagram)

Guys, we got an amazing story which will inspire and teach you to never give up on your dreams.

Momo Bertrand, who was born in Douala in Cameroon had a dream of working at the United Nations shared his story of how he was finally hired by the UN after his applications were rejected 500 times.

Bertrand took to LinkedIn to share his story, saying he started applying for jobs at the UN after completing his master’s degree programme in Social Innovation at the University of San Diego in the US.

Bertrand told his classmate about applying for UN jobs, but his friend laughed at him and told him that it would be impossible and advised him to apply to be a kindergarten teacher.

Momo Bertrand in his story stated that he did not listen to his classmate who made discouraging comments after stating his desire to work with the UN. He believed in himself and kept on knocking on the doors of the UN until he got his answer.

Momo now works as a Digital Media Officer at, a United Nation Agency.

He shared his story to inspire his followers and connections to “keep pursuing your dreams”.

“Because every dream matters. Because every story matters,” he said.

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source: LinkedIn/myjoyonline

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