This Is The Right Way To Use The Titles, “Miss” “Ms” And “Mrs”

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Okay guys, its time for some English lessons!

This is not a sub/ shade to anyone but we know most of y’all do not know this. (It’s time to stop pretending now).

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You know how you have to fill a form and you are asked to check one of the boxes: Ms, Miss or Mrs.

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We always automatically chose one but, have you ever wondered…what the difference is between Miss and Ms? When can we use Mrs?

We know you think you know but, let’s school you a bit!

When to use Mrs

This is basic knowledge. Mrs is the official title used for married women. Some continue to use Mrs even after their spouse passes away or after divorce.

When to use Ms

Using “Ms.” is often the safest option. It is a neutral title to use for women whether they are married or not. So, if you want to address a woman and you aren’t sure which title to use, just use Ms.

When to use Miss

Now, this is the most commonly used title. Unfortunately, people use it in place of Ms and that is just wrong! Miss is only used for unmarried women less than 30. So, all the young unmarried women you know…address them as Miss.

Now that you know these, we hope you fill your forms appropriately now!


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