This Is How Your Social Media Use Can Affect Your Career

I understand that social media is an escape. It’s a place you can log onto and not have to take yourself too seriously. While that frees you up to be yourself, it could also affect you negatively. Social media is now an integral part of our lives. Companies understand this, and will now go through an applicant’s social media history. They do this in order to better gauge whether or not that applicant will be a good fit for the company. These are some mistakes you could be making on your social media platforms that will affect your employment outcomes.

Creating The Impression Of Marijuana Use.

Bro, you can understand why a prospective employer would be put off by your marijuana posts, right? Do not announce your use of marijuana or any other questionable substances on your social media. Additionally, you do not want to engage with posts of this nature as well. It just looks bad from a professional standpoint.


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