These Are The Annoying Things Tall People Are Tired Of And Can Relate To

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Things only tall people can relate to

Being tall has its perks.

For one, everyone wants to be as tall as you. Also, it’s so much fun looking over the little people’s heads all the time. And, you don’t have to worry about going to concerts early because no one is ever going to block your view.

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Inasmuch as being tall is cool, sometimes it is just stressful and annoying!

First of all, everyone makes it a point to announce that you are tall like maybe, just maybe you have forgotten that you are!

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And oh… you never find the right jeans. You may find the right size but it won’t be the right length! So you’re either folding them up all the time or you just stick to fashionable hanging jeans and pray you rock them!

And yes, long-sleeved shirts aren’t always long-sleeved for you!

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That’s not all hmm.

You become everyone’s official stool/ladder because anytime someone wants to pick something from a high shelf, you’re the one they will call. It’s sad when you’re the tallest at home because your mum, Dad, siblings and all the ancestors will call you to reach for something for them.

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Transportation dierrr if you could walk, you will walk everywhere because troskis are a nightmare! There is never enough space for your knees and when you take an Uber, you always have to tell the driver to move his seat forward. Every. single. time.

Group pictures always have you doing an awkward pose so you can fit in with your short friends!

And ugh you have to suffer through a number of nicknames your whole life! Dogo, taller…the list goes on and on!

Oh, can we just mention how annoying it is when people automatically think you play some kind of sports because you have long legs? “Do you run?” “Long jump?” “High jump?” “Do you play basketball?”

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You spent your whole life always being at the back. In school, you were always a backbencher and when you lined up for assembly, you always had to stand in the back.

It’s so hard to find love as a tall person! Gentlemen…everyone finds you attractive!

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All the girls like you just because you are tall and the ladies…all the tall boys are finding love with short girls and you are stuck with the short boys who are fascinated by you!!!

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Being tall is not all that. It can be stressful and yes, sometimes, tall people wish they could lose some of their height too!


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