These Are Some Free Typing Speed Tests You Can Take Online

I took one of these because I wanted a figure to put on my CV. Have you ever typed so fast that you thought you must in the top 1% of typists or something like that? Well, I did. And the tests on this list brought me back to reality. Whatever your reason is, these tests last about a minute each, and they are fun!

Live Chat Inc

This test puts words together randomly one after another. Then, the test calculates how many of these words you can type in a minute. Global results are also available in order for you to get some context on your own speed. Click here to go to the test.


This test allows you to choose between 1 minute, 3 minutes or 5 minutes. You also choose between random strings of words or coherent sentences complete with punctuation. Here you go.

Type Racer

This particular test comes in the form of a car race. You are paired up with other users online and your typing speed determines how fast your car moves. Pretty simple. Loads of fun. Get racing. Fair warning, it can be addictive.

Typing Cat

The last one our list, the typing cat test, has some cool effects that make the test more immersive. Take the test here.

These tests are very similar to each other. You can try them all out, but it’s fine if you just pick one and try to outdo yourself. Take a breather from work. Test your fingers.


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