Stephanie Benson Offers Advice On What To Do During A Heartbreak

Stephanie Benson

Suffering a heartbreak is one of the painful things a person will ever experience.

One minute you are building a future with someone and the next minute that person has dumped you, leaving you all alone with your heart shattered into pieces.

For most people, heartbreak is a traumatic experience and it even affects their mental health.

As it was clearly demonstrated this week by the Nana Ama and Sammy’s episode showed that heartbreak is that painful.

Sammy has begged, he has cried all to gain Nana Ama back.

To help you and possibly Sammy better deal with heartbreak, the singer Stephanie Benson shared a few advice to all heartbreak victims.

Stephanie gives her advice as she walks you through the four phases she believes every heartbroken person go through.

Watch her video below:


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