Meet Ghanaian Tech Genius Edem Kumodzi Who Now Works At Microsoft

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The month of March just got better with some exciting news. Ghanaians are gradually making the mark they truly deserve in the tech industry.

To be a tech genius in Ghana is a great feat but to get employed in Microsoft is a whole different ball game.

Edem Kumodzi is a tech genius currently a Program Manager(Pm) at Microsoft.

In a tweet announcing the next stage in his career, Edem posted a picture of his card from Microsoft with the caption: Next Chapter: 😊😊😊 #MicrosoftLife

According to his Twitter bio, He is a Software Architect, PM(Exp+Dev) at Microsoft, Venture Scout at Microtraction, Admin at Dev Congress.

Edem Kumodzi is known mainly on Twitter for his tech-savvy lifestyle and helping a lot of people find out their way around their tech career.

Edem Kumodzi celebrated the win of another Ghanaian Ivy Barley who also got employed at Microsoft, with a gif of DJ Khaled stating “another one”.

Ivy, who is also a co-founder and CEO of Developers in Vogue, an organization that is paving the way for more African women to take up opportunities in the tech industry, said she is “optimistic about the opportunity to make bigger impact at Microsoft while taking Developers in Vogue to the next level.”

Could their move be planned? Maybe!!!


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