Ladies! Here Are 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do Because Of A Guy

couple in love photo via
couple in love photo via

We’ve all had more than our fair share of dumb moments so we understand how when you’re wrapped up in your feelings for someone, you’re prone to doing the most outrageous things to keep them.

But hold up. Pause. Take a breather. You’re worth way more than all that you’re putting yourself through. Because more often than not, if they did like you, you wouldn’t have to stress yourself all the time to keep things going. Here are some things we propose you stop doing for the guys you are with:

1. Obsessing Over Their Texting Habits

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This is where we all fall short. If a person doesn’t bother to text you back, do not sit with your phone glued to your hand, wondering what he’s up to or why he hasn’t answered. Go dive headlong into a new adventure instead of waiting for some guy to hurt you.

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