Group/Divisional Head Wanted At GT Bank. Here Is How To Apply.

There is currently an opening at GT Bank for the role of a Group/Divisional Head. The role requires a significant amount of experience. Also, it is a leadership role. However, the Group/Divisional Head must assist the managing director in strategizing and planning functions. Here is the official posting below.

Recommended Changes To Your CV.

The role requires some leadership experience and people management skill. Your CV should bring to the front, your ability to work with other people and to get results from your team. Finally, your CV should show your accomplishments in growing client bases and the effectiveness of policies you have implemented.

Writing Your Cover Letter.

If you’re applying for this position, you have to be confident in your previous experience. In your cover letter, emphasize your previous accomplishments that align with this role.

GT Bank is currently looking to fill multiple positions. Check out our resource page for the other listings!


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