You’re Not Really Over That Catastrophic Heartbreak If You Didn’t Do At Least Nine (9 ) Of These

Breakups make grown men and women cry like babies and we all do one thing or something that will definitely bury itself deep in our memories.

Some, you may have been ashamed of and some, you probably don’t regret!

Get a drastic haircut

Dyed your hair

Cried into your pillow with Drake songs playing in the background

Image result for crying into pillow gif

Got drunk

Got drunk and embarrassingly texted or called your Ex a bunch of times

Got into a toxic relationship right after

Tried drugs for the first time

Image result for weed smoke funny gif

Got a tattoo or some piercings

Had a friend with benefits relationship

Deleted every picture of you two

Image result for delete gif

Changed his contact name/ deleted

Unfollowed/ blocked on social media

Stalked anyways

Image result for stalking funny gif

Gone on a social media fast

Started working out for a sexy bod

Changed your closet and YouTube ‘tutorialed’ the hell out of makeup skills

Image result for i'm that bitch gif

If you did more than 9 of these, then you properly mourned that heartache to oblivion but if you did below, then you really are till crying for that boy or girl to come back!


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