Top 5 Ghanaian Hits That Saw Us Through Our First Heartbreaks!

Heartbreaks are the worst and we totally understand what Sammy is going through!

A young man called Sammy got his heart broken by a girl called Nana Ama and Twitter won’t let the guy rest!

His heartbreaking story (He cheated and she caught him) has sparked a lot of people’s memory of their first heartbreak and we just couldn’t help but remember these iconic heartbreak songs that saw us through our first heartbreaks.

Kwabena Kwabena – Asor

Becca – Daa ke Daa

Becca – You Lied To Me

Sarkodie  – Where did I go wrong

Chase – Lonely

These songs legit still stand as the greatest heartbreak songs from way back! If you’re old enough, your first heartbreak definitely included these songs!

Which song got you through your first heartbreak?


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