Love? God Forbid Lol!! These Are The Different Types Of People After A Tragic Heartbreak!

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It’s raining heartbreak stories and social media make basaaa with all the stories that are pouring out!

Almost everyone has experienced heartbreak before! If you haven’t…

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Heartbreaks are the worst and after every heartbreak, everyone goes through something!

These are the different types of people after a heartbreak:

The tearful one

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These ones will cry all the time. They’re the ones who burst into tears in the most random places!! Cry in their bed, cry to their friends, burst into tears in the troski…You dare not ask them how they are. They will flood your space with all the tears! And they love to make their pain worse. They’d go through old pics, cry and create a whole playlist to make their tears are even more tearful!

The Clingy Beggers

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These ones decide to wrap themselves up in the shame blanket and beg for their love! It doesn’t matter if they were in the wrong or not. The backstory saf no dey hia. All they want is to beg for the love of their life to take them back because…how are they going to live life now? Forgiveness? They can forgive! After all, what does the Bible say about forgiveness?

The laughing jackals

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Sometimes after the tears come the laughter. When it hits them that their heart has been shattered, it starts with some mad laughter. It’s eerie but it happens and when it does, they need to be tied down to their seats or locked in a room without their phones or else, they’ll do something terrible!!

The spaced-out zombies

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These ones just space out in shock once they find themselves single. They are the ones most likely to travel long distances on foot, unknowingly of course because, at that moment, they can’t really see or hear anything. They zoned out.

The hard guy/girl

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These ones move on so quick!! Time no dey to mourn a heartbreak charle. They will just drop a single tear, sing Beyonce’s Irreplaceable and the next thing you know, they’re back in the game, going out, meeting new people and generally chilling like their heart isn’t broken!!

The dramatic queens/kings

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These ones deal with pain differently. After a heartbreak, they will definitely do something DRASTIC like cut off their hair, sleep in the gym, get some piercings, start a business…anything that will make the ex see them months later and say “whoa!” These ones know no slacking charle! They put all their energy into switching up and it’s admirable!

The fuckboy/girl

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These ones feel the pain of being heartbroken so bad that they swear they will never love again! They turn the tables and become the heartbreakers, destroying hearts everywhere without letting anyone into their half-eaten heart ever again!

Anyone who’s been heartbroken has definitely been one or two or even all of these before and it’s normal! Every heartbreak does help make you a better person right?

Hahahaa just kidding!

Mourn child, mourn! Let the memories take over hahhaaa!!

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