How To Handle The Low Times Before You’re Employed.

Depression from long-term unemployment hits differently, mainly because we attach so much significance to a person’s job. Little things while you’re at home reinforce the fact that your worth is somehow attached to a job. You keep getting asked if you’ve started working, you hear of your friends’ fancy new jobs and you are unable to get for yourself some things a grown person shouldn’t be asking their parents for. One thing you should know is that a lot of people are going through this too. Use these tips to pick yourself up when the job search gets you down.

Establish A Routine.

Remember your National Service? Remember having to wake up early everyday and get yourself to work? Even when it was hard, you got yourself there because that was the job. You need to treat your search for a new job as a job on its own. Get yourself into a routine even if it is difficult at first. Schedule your time throughout the day, and allow breaks for relaxation and maintaining your social life. A routine means all hours of your day are scheduled, even if some for entertainment. This makes it less likely for you to fall into depressive episodes which come about as a result of feeling like you’re not doing anything.


Lmao I don’t even know how I start to sell you on this one. You’ve probably heard why you should work out, and its benefits a thousand times. Instead, let’s get you into building the habit. If you’re a guy, just do ten push-ups a day. Seriously. That’s it. Ten a day, and don’t skip any days. If you’re a girl go with ten squats. There have been studies that show how the effects accumulate if you’re consistent, but that’s not the point. If you start out this small, your body grows an appetite for it and you eventually you will want to explore other workouts and a higher intensity.

Learn New Skills.

We’re in a time of YouTube and it has never been quite so easy to learn a new skill on your own. Did you want to learn to play the guitar when you were a kid? You can do this, learn to use Photoshop, learn to produce music and many more using resources available on the internet. Do you have your license? With so much downtime, this period is the best time to build yourself, even if you do not think the effects of your actions are going to be big game changers. The thing about learning a new skill is that even if it’s not immediately applicable, it will always stay with you.

Make Yourself Useful.

The feeling of accomplishment is such a powerful feeling, especially when you’ve been home for a long period of time. When you can, you should pick up tasks, and help the people close to you in whatever way you can. The more you have to exert on these projects, the better that eventual feeling of accomplishment will be. If there are any volunteer opportunities available to you, you shouldn’t hesitate to take them. Those will also look good on your CV. Helping people helps us feel good about ourselves for some reason. Go for it!

Stay Social.

It can be hard maintaining relationships when it feels like everyone around you is moving forward with their lives. That feeling, unfortunately does not really go away. However, it is also no reason to neglect the relationships you value. Keep in touch with you friends in order to avoid feelings of isolation. These feelings tend to make your problems seem more exaggerated than they are. Opening up to friends is also a great form of catharsis.


Right now, it is rare for people to have hobbies without feeling the pressure to monetize them. It is perfectly okay to have a hobby that you do not make money off of. Sometimes what this hobby does for you is more important than struggling to market something that you do not have the passion to market. Your hobby should be an escape, and should make you feel good. If it only adds pressure to your life, you have to take a second to think about why you’re doing whatever it is that you’re doing.

The thing that all of these suggestions have in common is that they require to exert yourself. You are the only one who can get yourself to overcome your low moods. The world is not such a good place that it can’t be improved by another person who makes effort to put some good energy into it. 🙂


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