9 Sizzling Hot Photos Of Moesha Rocking Bikinis In Style!

Mostly, big girls are restricted by the world and its standards to cover their bodies all the time just because they have a lot of flesh.

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The same length of a dress can be worn by both a big girl and a slim girl and nobody will have a problem with the dress on the skinny girl but for some odd reason, they would have a problem with the dress on the big girl.

Once you become very comfortable in your body as a big girl and you start to show off your curves and body the way you like, everyone begins to have issues with you, case in point Lizzo, Lydia Forson and our very own Moesha.

Everyone just wants them to cover up but they are defying all the odds and owning their bodies and their truths.

With that being said, here are 9 pictures of Moesha Boduong in a bikini, feeling all fly and enjoying her sexiness because that is what she truly is, despite what you think.



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