These Platforms Allow You To Make Money Off Your Creativity


DistroKid is a music distribution platform. It enables you distribute your music to all the major music platforms you should be putting your work out on. For every upload, you fill the upload form one time. DistroKid then puts your music out on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Tik Tok, Google Play Music, Tidal and a lot more platforms. DistroKid charges you a flat rate of $20 a year and you get to keep 100% of stream revenue. You also get an unlimited number of uploads to all these platforms. Similar distribution services charge on a song by song or album by album basis. Other services take commissions of your streams as well.

It’s an uncomplicated process to upload and start distributing your work. You can also connect your Apple Music and Spotify profiles to your DistroKid account. There are plan upgrades that give you more features. The basic plan, though, is more than sufficient for an up and coming independent artist.


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