Nxwrth’s ‘Ascend’ Ft Tsoobi Is A Brilliant Display Of The Producer’s Skill

image via Nxwrth, La Meme Gang

Nxwrth dropped new music over the weekend off his upcoming album, NASA set to be released on 3rd April. 

The La Meme Gang member, known for his ‘otherworldly’ style, often citing his sound as extraterrestrial has promised that his debut album is going to take listeners on a trip much much better than his EP later year, Rage Into The Good Night.

The singles off the album, if you’ve listened to any, give a sneak peek on what to expect and his new single Ascend which doubles as the intro on his album features Tsoobi (whom we haven’t heard from in a while).

What struck us first was the production on the song. Nxwrth made his presence known without having to put his vocals on the song. The flawless production took on the description of the song title and just went from a slow steady flow of beats till it ascended into something upbeat and then settled into a sweet melody that gave us the impression he may have sampled a highlife beat in there.

At the beginning of the song, Tsoobi’s autotuned voice added to that outta space trance-like feeling that we are certain Nxwrth was trying to emulate until it gradually merged into an afrobeats sound which complemented Tsoobi’s dancehall riddim.

Her vocals didn’t last as long as we would have wanted but Nxwrth knows how to start an album with a brilliant intro and we cannot wait to get the full experience from the complete album.

Pre Add the album, NASA on all streaming platforms here: NASA: Thanks For Flying

And listen to Ascend ft Tsoobi here:


Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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