#NaughtyCorner: These Are The Best Times To “Eat yourself” According To These People

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Kuulpeeps’ show, ‘Naughty Corner’ is doing the most in revealing what young people really feel about some “naughty” questions.

Y’all shared the kinds of clothes that turn you on, explained whether you preferred the lights on or off during sex and revealed what you like to do to turn someone on during sex in our first three episodes.

On Friday, we released Episode 4 of Naughty Corner which had an interesting question that brought out even more interesting answers…

What time of day would you rather have sex?

Is it at dawn when the weather is cool enough? Or in the hot afternoon so y’all can run your hands all over your sweaty bodies or in the night…the “ideal time for doing the ‘ade3 no’

We asked a number of you and the answers lol, are actually very interesting and enlightening.

Some of y’all have very detailed reasons as to why you will rather have sex at a particular time of day and hmm… just watch the episode here:

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