Moor Sound’s ‘Obaasima’ Is The Closest Song To Perfection Right Now

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2019 started with a crazy EP from the producer, Moor Sound and La Meme’s Kiddblack. Their joint EP Here For A Good Time Not A Long Time climbed charts and introduced Moor Sound to a lot of people.

This 2020, he started the year again with another banger. This time it wasn’t an EP but a single featuring $pacely, Yung Demz and BuMan.

Moor Sound has given us several songs, most of which are hip-hop but this particular song, Obaasima is a whole vibe! You know when we call a song a vibe it means it’s got that extra something that is indescribable! We know there is no such thing as “Summer” in Ghana but if there was an official song for “Summer”, it will be Moor Sound’s Obaasima.

His features were clearly well-chosen (we love a song where the artistes featured are a perfect fit for the song) and the artistes’ chemistry with Moor Sound’s production was just impressive! $pacely’s unique voice and style, BuMan’s catchy hook that wouldn’t stop playing in our heads and Yung D3mz’ verse come together to give us a delicious tune that will immediately make you feel good and we dare you not to dance charle.

Moor Sound’s production sounds different if you are used to hearing only his hip-hop projects. He’s gone from the tough guy with hard hip-hop beats to a soft melodic and smooth production complete with flutes, showing us a softer side to Moorsound and what he’s capable of on a love song.

If you are looking for the perfect song to just vibe to, we recommend Obaasima which means lady in the Asante Twi language.

Get the song on all streaming platforms here: Moor Sound – Obaasima ft Spacely, BuMan and Yung D3mz

Listen to it here:

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