Five Things To Avoid In Your Bedroom

The bedroom should be a place to get rest and take a break after a long day. Most people have trouble sleeping at night because their bedrooms are congested with unnecessary things.

Below are some things to avoid in your bedroom in order to have that blissful and perfect sleep:

Often, the blue light that emits from your television will disrupt your sleep cycle. According to, one problem with bedtime TV watching is simply the temptation to stay up late to find out what happens next. You can always keep your television far from your sleeping zone, set a sleeping time and keep to it.

Keep your phone away when you are about to sleep. The constant ringing and buzzing of a cell phone should have no place in your bedroom. Aside from the seemingly ever-present stressors of social media, cell phones can actually be harmful to your health.

Though research is not yet conclusive, the RF frequency emitted by cell phones has been listed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a possible human carcinogen, according to the CDC. It hasn’t been proven to cause cancer so far, but it can’t hurt to take a break from spending time around your phone each night.

You don’t just eat in your bedroom, this activity is followed by other activities such as watching television, Netflixing, pressing your phone. All of these activities are to be avoided in your bedroom. The probability of making a mess in your room and your bedsheet is also very high and specks of dirt can lead to poor sleeping habits.
Regardless, if you do decide to eat in your room, make sure you don’t leave your dirty dishes, as they can attract pests.

Old and Low Mattresses
One thing that totally ruins quality sleep is an uncomfortable mattress. If you’re not sleeping as well as you used to and you have an old mattress, you might consider changing it. Your pillow should also suit your sleeping style, as people who prefer different positions need different types of support.

Bright Colours
It might not be very easy to sleep peacefully if you have vibrant, stimulating colours all over your walls. A British survey found that shades of blue, yellow, silver, green, and even orange were most conducive to rest and relaxation, whereas purples, browns, and grays in bedrooms were the worst. Keep the colours muted, and you’ll be feeling more calm and relaxed on a daily basis.

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