ConfessionBox: Nigeria Trips, All Night Service And All The Ridiculous Things People Have Done For Sex

Once again, Osofo Gyaigyimi set up his confession box with Kuulpeeps on Sunday and hundreds of people went to unburden themselves with their confessions.

This edition of the Kuulpeeps Confession Box was definitely the craziest one yet.

Y’all have been doing the most and honestly, we had to take our time to share the safe ones!!!

We asked people to share stories of the craziest thing they have done just because they wanted to ‘eat’ someone and ei! Looks like people will go to all sorts of lengths to

Let’s start with this guy.

He travelled all the way to Nigeria just to meet a girl and when his parents asked why he had lost so much weight after he returned to Ghana, he said he was tired from the work he was doing at a school program but…this is what he was really up to!

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