5 Things Everyone Wants From Their Career

When you’re a kid, people ask what you want to be in future. The answer comes easily. However, when you are almost done with the University and someone asks what you are going to do after school, the same question becomes difficult to answer. Most of us go with a career that will bring us a lot of money. Sometimes we even answer with a career that holds some form of prestige. Don’t get me wrong, money and approval are very important things to want from a career. That being said, here are some things that we all want from a career that we usually don’t place much emphasis on.

Personal Fulfillment

A job is such an important part of a person’s identity. It is so important that when you ask a child what they want to be, they reply with a future occupation. It makes sense then that we all want in a career something that brings us personal fulfillment. This means that we want a job that we can love, we want a job that we find meaning in and a job that we are passionate about. We also look for, in our careers, something we believe allows us to make use of our innate potential.


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