7 Amazing Women In The Entertainment Industry And What They‘ve Taught Us With Their Lifestyle

It’s International Women’s Day and of course, it’s only right that we celebrate some women in the entertainment industry that we absolutely loooove! 


The singer, Efya

Efya raised the bar for every singer. You cannot come and be mediocre when the Queen has done nothing but give us a hundred and one percent every time! She’s strong and a badass and doesn’t hesitate to help her fellow women at any chance! 


Image result for hamamat
Model and owner of Hamamat African Beauty

Hamamat has and still is teaching us Africans to love our skin, our hair, love our culture and just be proud of our heritage!

Sister Deborah 

The music artiste, Sister Deborah

She’s done nothing but show us to do whatever you want to do as long as you love it! Live your life and flourish and forget what people say in their attempt to bring you down!

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