This Is Why Women’s Pockets In Jeans Are Smaller Than Men’s

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There’s one mystery everyone has been trying to solve but it looks like no one ever has an answer to!

Why are women’s pockets smaller than men’s???

For some reason, guys have jeans pockets that go in deep and have so much space to hold everything but women…we get stuck with jeans that have very shallow pockets or no pockets at all!

Fake pockets?! Whose genius idea was it? Is it to fool kwashey boys and make them think there’s a pocket then…tadaa hahaaa there’s nothing?!!!

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We went researching, hoping to find some answers because ladies, you can all agree that sometimes, it is just not convenient to carry a bag everywhere you go!

Research proves that we aren’t just nagging about something. According to the Independent UK and several news sites, Researchers closely studied several brands of jeans and found out that 40 per cent of the women’s jeans could fit an iPhone X in the front pocket and only 20 per cent could hold a Samsung Galaxy.

Meanwhile, every pair of men’s jeans studied could fit an iPhone X inside the front pocket and 95 per cent comfortably held a Samsung Galaxy.

We went on Quora, the platform for answers to everything in the world and found an answer that actually makes sense!

This user, Arianne Faunt who studied B.S Fashion and Design in the university had some really great thoughts:

“As near as I can tell, women’s clothes are typically designed without pockets (or pockets of any value) because women are expected to carry a purse. A purse is necessary because women have to carry so much more stuff than men! Unlike guys, you can’t just get through a day with just your wallet, keys, and maybe a smartphone. No, in addition to the things men typically carry, you need lipstick, powder, hand cream, hand sanitizer, tissues, plus those pesky tampons or maxi pads.

If you have any children, particularly young children, you must carry snacks at all times and a small toy to occupy them if the need arises. A change of underwear for each child is helpful, too. Even though many men are also fathers, somehow they get around carrying all that extra jazz, unless they are going out for an extended outing.

Also with form-fitting clothing, anyway, having to much stuff in your pockets spoils the line of the garment, and more women seem to care about this than men, so designers I guess decided to discourage the practice by making pockets either too small to be practical or just not there at all.

A last thought on why women’s clothes have fewer pockets than men’s is that women’s clothes tend to be made of less sturdy fabric than men’s. The flimsier fabric does not hold objects as well as the heavier, stiffer fabrics, resulting in holes, plus, as mentioned before, it just looks bad.

Anyway, these are my thoughts and I hope they helped answer your question.”

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Makes sense right?

Impractical but totally makes sense.

Looks like it’s fashion over function for women’s jeans.


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