A.I Proves He’s The Most Entertaining Performer In GH Once Again At #WithStringsAttached

Singer extraordinaire, Ayisi (A.I) is, hands down, one of the best performers in Ghana. He doesn’t just perform, he goes out of his way to entertain fans and makes sure every single person enjoys themselves tremendously 

6th March was Ghana’s Independence Day and after a long day of watching students March at the Baba Yara Sports stadium for the Independence Day parade, we joined A.I and his guitarist, Nii Quaye, at their show, With Strings Attached.

The event happened at the Hyde Art House at Ridge, a serene environment perfect for the kind of show that was put up. Patrons of the show stood around or sat in the seats provided and just soaked in A.I’s effortless performance which always looks natural and unrehearsed (not in a bad way)

A.I belted out tunes all night while Nii Quaye supported with his guitar, making the show a simple and refreshing  night of authentic acoustic music.

We enjoyed watching Ayisi interact with fans and engage them all through the show and our favourite part of the night was him not hoarding the mic but freely getting others the opportunity to blow our minds with their voices.

We are familiar with Asi’s voice but she had everyone gasping when she was handed the mic and people couldn’t help but watch her sing.

She wasn’t the only who caught everyone’s attention. Another young lady (ugh bless the lord for blessing these women with such great voices) had heads turning after being coaxed by Ayisi to sing something.

We were excited when she eventually joined Ayisi to perform what we can confidently call one of the best performances of Asa’s Jailer. She gave us chills with her voice!

The show wouldn’t have been complete if EL hadn’t shown up. A.I and E.L gave us one of the best albums of 2019 and it was only right that he passed by to support his brother and of course perform a few songs off the album.

We thoroughly enjoyed the show and we are hoping that Ayisi puts up another one really soon for the people who love actual good music! 

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