5 Important Rules You Should Obey For A Drama-Free Twitter Experience

Twitter is a complicated place.

Everyone wants you to join but no one really tells you what it really is!


Twitter can be a dangerous place to be if you do not tread right and lucky for you, we are here to help!


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Ever heard of the term, drink water and mind your business?? The best place to practice it is on Twitter. Just scroll and laugh when you have to but please don’t make everyone’s business your business because if you cross into the wrong place, you will get dragged!

Rule 2: Do not try to seem smart

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People claim only smart people use Twitter so you want to drop some big words that have no meaning and pour out some half baked opinion you copied from google on the timeline.


If you know you don’t have 100% knowledge on what you are going to talk about, please shut up because if they find out you are wrong, you will be trolled by the whole GH Twitter and lose your credibility.

Rule 3: Make good use of your mute and block buttons

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Social media is full of unhappy people looking to make other people’s lives miserable. You will always find some users trying very hard to get you to react to something vile they said just so they can fight you. They are A**holes and don’t deserve the attention so please, ignore them…mute them and block them and you’d find that life on the Twitter streets can be drama free!

Rule 4: Don’t be too comfortable. Anyone could have your keys

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People love to say “could never be me” when some Twitter drama sparks up but in a day or two or even some minutes after tweeting that p3…then their yawa pai. Never think you are safe from drama. Someone has your keys and is quietly waiting to spill them all over the TL.

Rule 5: Don’t make a fool out of yourself

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Before you do anything, ask yourself this: will my future self be embarrassed by this tweet? Am I really sure about this reply I’m giving this boy? Am I just bored or do I really want to DM this girl/boy? Just…think twice before you do anything stupid.

Follow these rules and just be sensible and you will have a drama-free Twitter experience full of LOLs and Hahaas!

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