Today In History: Jerry John Rawlings Announces Timetable For Return To Civilian Governance

On 6 March 1992, Head of State Jerry Rawlings, who had been in power for the past 11 years, announced plans for a return to civilian rule by 7 January 1993.

The process included a referendum on 28 April to adopt a new constitution drafted by the Consultative Assembly, as well as a presidential election on 3 November and parliamentary polling on 8 December.

President Rawlings also announced that the ban on party politics would be lifted on 18 May 1992. This programme was criticized by the opposition, which called for an immediate lifting of the ban so that they could openly and lawfully engage in party political activities. Its demand was rejected by President Rawlings.

The parliamentary elections, the first in 13 years, were postponed first to 22 December and then by another week in order to allow more time for the nomination of candidates following the decision by four major opposition parties to boycott the poll.


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