This Kenyan Man Educates Other Men About The Menstrual cycle

Steve Kipepeo hands men sanitary pads during his talks teaching them about menstruation (BBC)

A Kenyan man is encouraging other men to talk and learn about menstruation, demystifying the notion that it is a woman’s problem.

Steve Kipepeo, who lives in Mukuru slum in the capital, Nairobi, speaks to men in their hangouts such as pool tables.

He said in an interview with the BBC, that he started educating men about periods after noticing how women in his community needed support.

“Most of the girls here lack proper menstrual solutions. They end up having sex with men that can’t buy them pads,” he said.

“They overuse them and even drop out of school. They end up using weird things like pieces of mattresses, old clothes or even tissue papers.”

Mr Kipepeo said on his first encounter with men, he hands them a sanitary pad – trying to make it normal for men to handle one.

“Most of them won’t even take the pad. They would just look at me with attitude.

“They believe it’s a taboo to speak about menstruation. They don’t understand that it’s important to learn what girls go through during menstruation.”

He hopes to normalise the conversation about periods and win men’s support for women.

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source: BBC

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