Kwesi Arthur Addresses Ghana’s Political Issues In His New Song “Revolution Sound”

Kwesi Arthur Revolution Sound image via Ground Up Chale

Kwesi Arthur has a message for every Ghanaian in his “Thoughts Of King Arthur 6” dubbed “Revolution Sound.” With today being Ghana’s 63rd Celebration of freedom from our colonial masters, Kwesi Arthur has decided to take on some political issues which have been swept under the carpet.

The opening of the music video has Member of Parliament of Atwima Mponua constituency and Sports Minister Isaac Kwame Asiamah addressing Parliament before the Airbus deal was passed 8years ago.

Ghana is supposed to be a sovereign state with its leaders implementing positive strategies to push Ghana forward, but the people in the leadership roles are “Real Bad Men in designer suits, according to Kwesi Arthurs Lyrics.

With Kwesi Arthur being the voice of the youth, he’s definitely using his platform to mobilize the youth to seek proper action.

My country dey be but it’s f- up, plenty dey see but they fear talk, plenty dey talk no action…” he continued in his song.

The 2 minutes 18 seconds music video sums up what every Ghanaian youth wants for Ghana, a nation with a clear vision that’s moving forward. However, that’s not what we see in our political space.

In the next verse, Kwesi Arthur affirms he needs to use his voice to make an impact, he then takes a jab at the nuisance the public has to face every day in traffic when the “V8 with sirens” goes by.

He questions the authorities “Do you see the suffering? Do you have a soul? Blood in the Streets, do you see the roads? Schools under trees the kiddie no dey moe(learn).”

He later continues to make it aware that Ghana is all he has, “Oman ni se3 aa me ano get no where go.

Finally, he talks about how as a nation we import more than we export, naming the least “toilet paper” as part of what the nation imports.

The Government must Free The Youth!!!


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