Kuulpeeps Celebrates Independence Day In Style And Launches The Lookbook: Gold Coast Edition

The Kuulpeeps Lookbook

We can all attest to the fact that fashion trends come and go. There are some things we are wearing now that used to trend in the 80’s only that we have managed to improve on the different styles.

One major trend that keeps resurfacing is Vintage Fashion because of its uniqueness and the desire to look different

In the Gold Coast Edition of The Lookbook, we are focusing on bold colours around the everyday aesthetic surroundings.

The aim, therefore, is to represent the vintage “bold colours with softer shades like sky blue and to also colour block with other masculine ones like khaki brown or earthy colours which are not used often.

A saturated place like the market will see fashionable people dressed in everything but classic wears, hence the location of the shoot.

In the production of this edition, we collaborated with 1 Fashion stylist (tsutsublema), 2 photographers (justenoch_ and stargazepictures), 6 models (m_kabutey, akua.ofeibea, jamaica_nede, _akua_dankwah, jayberete, u._andi), 2 hairstylists (smarta_braids_n_kurlz, beautyhairven and 1 Makeup artist (sleeknfleek). They are the true heroes behind the Gold Coast edition because they brought all we thought and imagined to life!

With that being said, here are some pictures from The Lookbook; Gold Coast Edition!!

You know these aren’t all! We still have more pictures in store for you. Keep your eyes locked on the website as we bring you more content in the days to come!

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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