What Are The Supposed Fraud Boys Actually Doing?

There are so many conversations about fraud boys. Opinions about them range from being outright dismissive about their money and its accompanying status to the view that they are sort of local champions living their best lives. Whatever your view is, you still probably want to know what exactly it is that they do. And no, just knowing that they use a laptop and knowing the word VPN doesn’t count.

Romantic Fraud.

The fraud boy jargon for this is ‘chatting’. This involves cultivating relationships with foreign men and women, and then once those people are invested enough emotionally, asking them to send money. Think of it as talking to a Ghanaian girl, but this time you’re not making a time investment to try to get laid, you’re doing it for a payday.

Credit Card Trading.

This is split into the buying and the selling of credit card information. Sellers, using their technical expertise, obtain credit card information through creative means. They sell this information in clusters on credit card trading websites. As a side note, this is why you should be careful that you only upload your credit card information to websites that you trust.

The buyers, on the other hand, buy random credit card details off a website and bet on the fact that whatever card they just bought is linked to enough money that they can make some purchases off of it. Think along the lines of phones, laptops and sneakers, etc. You get the point.

False Adverts.

Have you ever been on Instagram and seen an ad that was too good to be true? Yeah… some of those are rabbit holes down which you can lose a bunch of money. They are basically adverts without a product. You pay first… You pay first, and that’s it. End of transaction. These ads are not exclusive to Instagram though. So be careful with internet ads in general.

Non-Existent Business Opportunities.

These are the big payday schemes that require planning and some amount of capital investment. You create the appearance of a business, complete with a digital footprint and then try to find investors for this made-up business.

Whatever your thoughts are on the Chairman culture, it is your responsibility to protect yourself on the internet. You should be careful because the concentration of fraudulent activities coming from Ghana is so much that we’ve been banned from PayPal along with Nigeria:(. Along with Nigeria. Sit with that.


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