Ghanaian Chef, Eric Adjepong Set To Open His First Public Restaurant In America

Eric Adjepong
Eric Adjepong

Fans of Eric Adjepong, the D.C.-based breakout star from Top Chef Kentucky, will soon get a chance to taste his West African-influenced cuisine without hiring him to compose a private dinner party.

Eric Adjepong will open a food counter selling Caribbean roti and doubles in Union Market this spring (between March to April) in Northeast D.C.’s Union Market food hall.

On the Double marks the Ghanaian-American chef’s first solo project since debuting on Bravo’s popular cooking competition series in late 2018.

Adjepong says he got the idea for the food market stall while filming a challenge for the upcoming season of Top Chef All-Stars, which premieres on March 19.

“I think this is an awesome opportunity to show people another side of the cuisine, or a cuisine that they may not have heard of. This is why I’m essentially trying to showcase the African diaspora through this roti shop,” Adjepong says.

“When you talk about roti and double, it’s just essentially a vessel,” he adds, noting that he can stuff the bread with flavours from Africa to Trinidad and Tobago or Jamaica.

Adjepong is passionate about introducing diners to West African dishes. Last spring, he collaborated with healthy meal delivery service Territory Foods on a roasted chicken jollof rice.

Apart from running a dinner party company called Pinch & Plate with his wife, Janell Adjepong, the chef also recently taught classes on West African cuisine.

He says the response encouraged him with this new venture.

The hope is to open in late April and early May. Adjepong expects to spend plenty of time at the Union Market stall, which formerly housed the Arepa Zone counter.

Source: Eater

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