8 Ghanaian Celebrities Who Are Products Of Beauty Pageants

Kafui Danku, Berla Mundi and Deborah Vanessa

Beauty pageants are often known to be the stepping stone to stardom.

Quite a number of “Instagram Influencers” raked up the number of followers they have because they were part of one pageant or another.

Currently, there are a million and one beauty pageants in Ghana but the top ones will include Miss Malaika, Miss Universe and Miss Ghana since they’ve produced the most stars and made the most impact.

Whether they were just contestants in the pageants or they were beauty queens, these women used the various beauty pageant platforms they were on to build a brand for themselves. They didn’t just become popular; they became household names.

Here are some female Ghanaian celebs who were at one point in the beauty pageantry business.

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