4 Ghanaian Podcasts To Listen To

Podcasts aren’t for you, until you find the right one. In order to get into a podcast, you need to find voices that resonate with you personally. Voices that talk about issues that you actually care about. Maybe it’s not even the issue being spoken about that you connect with. Instead, you might end up hearing a person that speaks in your language and connect with that. Here’s a list of some Ghanaian podcasts that put out great content. They’re all available on Soundcloud for free. You can download the app or visit the Soundcloud website.

1. AccraWeDeyRadio

AccraWeDeyRadio takes you to events and introduces to you to people. It’s a podcast that celebrates Ghanaians who are making an impact. These people might not be getting recognition on a national level. It celebrates real people with real stories. AccraWeDeyRadio also has a curation of interesting playlists that feature talented people. I personally recommend Mother of Heirs, a spoken word playlist, to start with if you’re a girl. If you’re a guy, Agbogloshie, a tech playlist, might be a better place to start. I really can’t emphasize enough how diverse the content on this channel is.


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