UENR: Here Are Some Quick Fashion Tips For Kalakuta Rave

If by now you don’t know that Kalakuta Rave is this Saturday de3 we don’t know again for you.

 Well if you don’t know then it is and we know by now you are wondering what to wear since its having an Afrocentric theme.

Don’t worry… Kuulpeepsuenr always got you.

Here are some fashion inspirations we have for you.

For the ladies

You can preferably start with a nice hairdo; probably some might opt for some low cut coupled with some nice hair dye. A simple but nice straight dress coupled with pieces of jewellery to match. Again, you can choose to go with a beautiful long gown but not anything too long to sweep the streets lol just kidding.

For footwear, you can choose to wear some comfy heels and slippers in case you want to jam at the party like yes you paid for it.

For the jeans lovers

In case you want to rep the continent in some nice African prints here are some nice combinations to go with. Some beautiful pieces of jewellery or beads to match wouldn’t be bad

Playsuits and jumpsuits which are not too exposing are also good looks! With some comfy heels or sneakers and you are on fire to go.

Now for the party rockers, for us anything party like is just the whole meal we need. Some mad outfits coupled some sneakers and some slippers or slides in case the jamming becomes more intense and we want to spoil there.

For the men

A simpler choice of shirts would be a white shirt on some touch of African shorts but…you can go all out and wear something more colourful.

“Simplicity is an expensive virtue, not all can afford” I recommend you don’t overdress but rather look ravy and nice. Have a nice kalakuta rave season on Saturday.

Don’t forget to tag @kuulpeepsuenr on IG with all your #kalakutarave2020 pictures. See you on the red carpet.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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