This Is Everything You Need To Know About “The Lookbook, Gold Coast Edition”

On 6th March, at 8 am, we are launching one of our projects called “The Lookbook”.

A Lookbook is a fashion catalogue of well-styled images. It is a creative way of storytelling which helps convey the essence of a brand.

The Kuulpeeps brand believes in the existence of rich untold Ghanaian/African culture and so we have embarked on this project to tell these stories through creativity, fashion & art, whiles fostering the spirit of collaborations.

We will be creating 4 Lookbooks in 2020 (yes! You have 3 more to look forward to!) and each of them has a theme.

The first edition, which is being released on the 6th of March is the Gold Coast Edition.

March is Ghana’s independence month, and to celebrate the greatness of our culture and fashion, we are reliving and retelling (in visuals), the fashion stories of our people. The Gold Coast Edition is Retro, Vintage and in every bit Ghanaian.

In the production of this edition, we collaborated with 1 Fashion stylist (tsutsublema), 2 photographers (justenoch_ and stargazepictures), 6 models (m_kabutey, akua.ofeibea, jamaica_nede, _akua_dankwah, jayberete, u._andi), 2 hairstylists (smarta_braids_n_kurlz, beautyhairven and 1 Makeup artist (sleeknfleek). They are the true heroes behind the Gold Coast edition because they brought all we thought and imagined to life!

Whatever you’re expecting to see on Friday, multiply it by a 100 because we are really coming to blow your minds ankasa! Don’t forget. Friday, the 6th of March, 2020 at 8 am sharp! Only on


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