This Is The Hilarious Reason Why Obidi Jollof Was Trending Over The Weekend

If you were active on Twitter over the weekend, then you would have noticed Obidi Jollof trending and if you didn’t think it meant anything, lol we are here to tell you, you thought wrong!

Possigee, a known producer affiliated with Sarkodie said in an interview with Kobby Kyei News that Sarkodie has unreleased music featuring an artiste bigger than Jay Z.

Everyone got excited over the news. Everyone but one person.

Shatta Wale.

We cannot tell why he was so triggered, but the Dancehall artiste took to Twitter to unleash disses and insults on Sark. He didn’t end there. He went on to drop a diss track to Sarkodie which we broke down here: Shatta Wale’s Diss Track to Sarkodie

So why was Obidi Jollof trending??

The Sark Nation (you can’t help but love them) spearheaded by @Gyaigyimi felt Shatta Wale just wanted an excuse to trend and they were not going to give him all that attention!

So, guess what they did instead?

They collectively agreed to tweet about #ObidiJollof (rumour has it he makes the best jollof) and…it worked!

While Shatta Wale poked fun at Sarkodie and his fans, the fans tweeted about #ObidiJollof, making it to the top of the trend list while Shatta Wale and his diss song “Little Tip” struggled to stay on the trends list.

The fans didn’t end there. They decided one wasn’t enough and added another trend… ‘Sarkodie is King’. But, that wasn’t enough from the Sark Natives. They felt it’d be a nice time to celebrate Sarkodie’s bouncer, Black Nana and his daughter as well and made all those trend too.

Finally, they settled on making their King’s album, Black Love trend and by the end of the day, everything but Shatta Wale and “Little Tip” was trending.

The agenda was, anything but Shatta Wale and his diss track and…IT WORKED!

We cannot help but admire the entire Sark Nation and their dedication.

What did the King of the Sark Natives do while his people drowned out Shatta Wale? He tweeted the link to his newest feature on a song and totally ignored Shatta and his fans.

Will there be another Advice? Is Shatta just seeking attention? Will these two ever make up???

We’ll see.


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