Instagram Takes Down Video Of Wanlov Swimming Naked After Receiving Several Reports

The social media platform, Instagram has taken down Wanlov’s activism video due to nudity after several users reported the video

Wanlov’s video was a music video that highlighted plastic waste and its adverse effects on the environment, especially the ocean and marine life.

Last week, we told y’all how Wanlov and Sister Deborah have both been at the forefront of the campaign on plastic waste and climate change in general.

The video, which was shot and edited by Kwame Appah, is still available on Twitter.

After the video was deleted by Instagram, Wanlov went online to bash those who reported the video.

He sarcastically thanked those who reported the video and he told them that “you may realise one day that you needed that video more than those who didn’t report it.


The video was for a good cause and now some of Wanlov’s fans have promised the continue posting the video on their personal accounts whenever Instagram takes it down.


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