Ghanaian Doctor Gets Celebrated Online After He Agreed To Carry Pre Mature Baby

An unidentified Ghanaian doctor is being celebrated online for going far and beyond the call of duty.

Another colleague doctor of his, Afua Lee, shared the news online of how the male doctor agreed to become a vital life support for a baby who was born prematurely.

According to Afua, the baby had to be taken out of the incubator because other babies were in need of the incubator.

However, this baby still needed some form of heating and since her mother had not fully recovered, she wasn’t in the position to provide that bodily heat.

It was at this point that the unidentified male doctor volunteered to carry the baby on his stomach in what medical professionals call kangaroo mother care.

“Today I am proud to have met this young man. Glad to have worked alongside with him. Ghanaians are glad to have you with us,” Afua said in her Facebook post.

Some comments on Afua’s Facebook post.

Thanks to the doctor.


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