Disappointed Efia Odo Promises To Start A Twerking Masterclass

This weekend, all roads led to the University of Ghana; specifically to the African Union Hall also known as Pent.

The famous hall was celebrating its Hall Week and boy was there a party

Every year, Pent throws a big party and they normally go overboard. It also always features a car wash session where girls in bikini make sure the cars brought in leave clean and shiny.

This year, two girls attempted to twerk while washing one of the cars.

But the disappointing twerk they pulled off really threw Efia Odo off.

Now, Efia Odo wants to change this. She wants to give the young girls a proper tutorial on how to twerk.

She tweeted that she would be starting a masterclass on twerking.

Will y’all signup for Efia Odo’s masterclass?

source: Kuuleeps.com

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