Uncaged Trailer: A Giant Lion Is On The Loose And Very Hungry

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We have a brand new trailer for Uncaged. It’s not important that you’ve heard of this movie before now, it’s quite likely that most people haven’t.

What is important is that this movie features a large, hungry and violent lion on a rampage that is basically walking along the exact same lines as Jaws, but with a jungle cat instead of a shark. Does it matter that it’s a low-budget creature feature instead of an immaculately crafted, all-timer blockbuster? That’s for the viewer to decide.

The trailer kicks off by showing us some agents investigating a brutal crime scene, in which, a couple was ripped to shreds by an as-of-yet unidentified beast. Spoilers, it’s a big lion. The frequency and intensity of the incidents increase as authorities wrestle with the notion of how to deal with the crisis before a specialist is called in to handle it.

The whole thing concludes with a bunch of action. Most impressively, the shots of the lion we see in the trailer, considering it’s a low-budget affair, look quite good. The most distracting thing, however, is the English-language dub featured in the trailer. Luckily, it’s noted that the movie will have an English subtitle option, which could help quite a bit.

Watch the trailer below:

Uncaged centres on Royal Zoo veterinarian Lizzy, who is called upon by the Amsterdam police for help after they find a gruesomely slaughtered farmer’s family. She instantly sees what must have caused the bloody deaths; an enormous, aggressive lion. Nobody believes her and it isn’t until after a bloodbath at the main park that the authorities agree with her plan to employ the help of a British hunter, Jack, to catch the killer beast. However, tensions grow as Lizzy’s boyfriend Dave starts to worry about Lizzy and Jack’s previous relationship getting in the way. But even he must admit that Jack is their best chance at preventing more death on the city streets.

Source: Movieweb

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