Timeline: Everything That Has Happened Since BBC Africa Eye’s ‘Sex For Grades’ Exposé Was Released

Prof Ransford Gyampoh and Dr Paul Kwame Butakor Exonerated

‘Sex For Grades’, an issue which has been happening in universities all over the world, where lecturers compel students to have sex with them in exchange for grades.

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The BBC Africa Eye team led by Nigerian reporter, Kiki Mordi took the bold step to carry out an investigation of the issue. They focused their investigation in two of West Africa’s prestigious universities; the University of Ghana and the University of Lagos.

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Kiki Mordi was very passionate about this investigation because she was a victim of ‘sex for grade’. According to her, she had to drop out of school because she was not ready to give in to a lecturer’s demand for sex in exchange for grades.

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The exposé by the BBC Africa eye team implicated 4 lecturers in the two universities mentioned above.

In the University of Lagos, Dr Boniface Igbeneghu and Dr Samuel Oladipo were caught on camera making sexual advances to undercover reporters who posed as students.

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According to the two implicated lecturers, there is a place in the university known as the ‘Cold Room’, where lecturers take the students to so they can ” touch and fondle their breasts”

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The so-called cold room was shut down by the University of Lagos after the exposé was released.

Both lecturers have also been suspended by the University of Lagos.

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Dr Boniface Igbeneghu who is also a pastor of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria was asked by the church to step down from all ministerial assignments.

Now, at the University of Ghana, Dr Paul Kwame Butakor and Prof Ransford Gyampo were two lecturers implicated in the exposé. Like the Nigerian lecturers, the University of Ghana lecturers also made sexual advances towards the undercover reporters who posed as students.

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After the exposé was released, Prof Ransford Gyampo granted interviews to state his stand on the issue. He denied engaging in sex for grades as reported by the BBC. He also threatened to sue the BBC.

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The University of Ghana lecturers who were caught in the exposé have also been interdicted.

Speaking on the university’s decision to suspend them, Prof Gyampo accepted suspension though he maintains his innocence.

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The University of Ghana’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee is investigating the matter issue of sex for grades. To enable them to do that, they are inviting current and past students who have credible evidence of ever being sexually harassed by lecturers to come forward to testify.

A five-member fact-finding committee was set up by the university to investigate the case and offer recommendations. The university also published phone numbers and an e-mail for students to report any form of harassment.

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Prof Ransford Gyampo and Dr Paul Kwame Butakor, after the fact-finding committee’s investigation were cleared of any act of sexual misconduct.

The fact-finding committee reached the conclusion that there was no evidence from the BBC documentary which proved any act of sexual misconduct on the part of the lecturers within the context of the university’s regulations.

The lecturers, were, however, found culpable of conducting themselves in a manner that caused embarrassment to the university, for which reason the committee advised the university authorities to refer them to the university’s disciplinary committee for appropriate action.

The lecturers have now been suspended after the university’s disciplinary committee completed their investigations into case. Prof Ransford Gyampo and Dr Paul Butakor have been handed six and four months suspension without pay respectively.

Both have accepted the punishment but have described it as harsh.

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