Sexual Fantasies Women Think About But Are Too Shy To Voice Out

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In a perfect world, your woman will be able to tell you everything she wants; her deepest darkest secrets and fantasies but we aren’t in a perfect world. There are those fantasies she has but won’t tell you just yet.

Women are in a sexual-instinct-stifling society like ours; where women are subtly and even expressly asked to not rein in their sexual tendencies so as not to be viewed as loose.

Even when it becomes morally, legally and religiously alright to satisfy their sexual appetites, that is, in matrimony, a lot of women still feel a certain type of shame, shyness in the pursuit of these sexual needs.

Some of the things some ladies like but can’t exactly ask for are below. Remember; these do not apply to everyone, just some women and it doesn’t have to be the full list. One or two points may apply to your woman.

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