Linda, Hermione, Facebook & 24 Other Banned Baby Names


25. Cyanide

In 2016, a mother from Powys, Wales, faced obstacles when she tried to name her daughter Cyanide.

“This is one of those rare cases where the court should intervene to protect the girl … from emotional harm that I am satisfied she would suffer if called ‘Cyanide,’” the judge declared.

26. Babar

In 1993, French officials rejected a couple’s request to name their daughter Babar ― the title character in the series of popular children’s books about a royal cartoon elephant.

27. Harriet

There have been multiple high-profile cases surrounding Iceland’s strict baby-naming rules. In 2014, an Icelandic girl named Harriet made headlines when the national registry refused to recognize her name, which was not on the country’s list of 1,853 female and 1,712 male approved names.

For names not on the list, the parents must seek the approval of a committee charged with preserving the traditional language. Harriet’s British-born father noted that her name was turned down due to an incompatibility with the Icelandic language. Similarly, names with the letter C, which isn’t in the Icelandic alphabet, have typically been rejected.

Source: Huffpost

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