‘Don’t Consume Information You See Online Hook Line And Sinker’ – Bob Pixel Tells Ghanaians

Bob Pixel

Renowned Ghanaian photographer Bob Pixel has advised Ghanaians not to consume any kind of information that they find on social media.

Bob Pixel made this claim after a video which he posted on social media was misconstrued by many Ghanaians.

According to the photographer, during a vacation in Italy with his wife, he made a video of himself “goofing around and playing with the letters R and L”.

Basically, Bob was just having fun and enjoying his time in Italy with his wife and there was nothing serious about what he did. However, some people who saw his video dished out “insults on an educated villager who was out of Ghana,” Bob Pixel stated.

He, however, was not bothered with what they said, but two things stood out for him.

Bob questioned the credibility of the news we consume on social media and noted that people are quick to spread bad news than good news. He, however, advised Ghanaians not to “consume info you see online hook line and sinker”.

Watch the video below:


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source: kuulpeeps.com

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