All The Times Kidi Gave Us Sugar Daddy Vibes


Ask any girl who their top 5 male celebrity crushes are and Kidi will be in the list!!

Dennis Nana Dwamena popularly known as Kidi is an amazing artiste! He’s a great singer, he looks good ALL THE TIME and he’s got the looks!!

After singing “Baby girl me I want to spoil you//Forget talk ebi do ago do” on his song Sugar Daddy, we just knew that it doesn’t matter if he’s older than us or not…we will be willing to call him Sugar Daddy!

Just look what he also added in the song!

“So take this money//Go get your hair done And your nails done//Do you love me?”

Yes, Kidi, we love you and we loved you, even more, when we saw you giving us Suagra Daddy vibes in these photos!!!

Okay, let’s start with this 2018 video (yes, we have been stalking!) Just look at him looking yummy in his suit!

And this… it almost looks like he just sent a dress (in your size) and shoes (in your size) to you with a rose and a note that said “get dressed, meet me at 7 pm. The driver will come get you”

Ladies…don’t faint just yet!

Image via Instagram

Now, this photo…just look at it again.

Does this not make you want to call him “Dzaddy?”

image via Instagram


What did we do to deserve a fine piece of art like this?!

Image via Instagram

And yes, we already mentioned we have been stalking him but can we just look at him again in his pink suit looking like a piece of cotton candy???

Kidi at the VGMA 2019// Image via Instagram

Kidi is definitely sugar daddy material and if his mind dey… why not?!

Watch his Sugar Daddy video off his SUGAR album if you haven’t and if you already have, it doesn’t hurt to watch him move around looking pretty and singing like an angel…AGAIN!


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